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D.D., LL.D., president of the

Ladies' College, Hamilton, Out., was born at Castlewellan, County Down, Ireland, in 1534. He was educated at the National Schools of Ireland, and afterwards entered Victoria University, Cobourg, in i855, arid graduated as Prince of `Vales gold medalist in 1861. He served as tutor in the University four years, and then preached three years at Stratford and Drayton, Out., after which he was called to the presidency of Iowa Wesleyan University, then to that of Simpson College, Iowa, and finally was recalled to Hamilton, Canada, in

1879, where he has remained since as president of the Ladies' College. In his youth Dr. Burns learned a trade and earned enough money to enter the University. Hence his practical sympathy with working-men. He was raised in the Presbyterian Church, and still boasts of his earls- religious training in that fold. Under the preaching of the Rev. James Caughey, he entered the Methodist Church, with which he has been since identified. He has, however, a warm re-

gard for the teachings of   ! his childhood, and is op-posed to emphasizing any-thing but the essentials of religion, and has been for years a strong advocate for closer union among the Evangelical churches in Canada. In 1882 Dr. Burns was tried for heresy, because of his liberal views and freedom of utterance, but was acquitted on all points.

He is a specialist in Biblical literature and criticism, on which and kindred subjects he is a frequent lecturer. He is a member of the Board of Regents of Victoria, but was strongly opposed to federation. Although not directly in pastoral work, he preaches nearly every Sabbath, and is in constant demand for special services. As president of the Hamilton College, the oldest in the country, he has done grand work for his denomination. Dr. Burns belongs to the Masonic body, and is a decided Reformer in politics. He was married in June, 1863, to Sarah Andrews., of Devonshire, England.


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