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Q.C., was born at Mohawk,
Ontario, Brant County, on
December 14th, 1837. He is descended
from U.E. Loyalists on both sides, and
is a son of the late Russell Hardy,
formerly of Brantford, and latterly of
London, Out. Air. Hardy was edu-
cated at the County of Brant Grammar
School, at the Private Academy kept
for some years by the Rev. W. W.
Nelles, Mohawk, and at Rockwood
Academy. He was called to the Bar of
Ontario in iS65, was appointed a Q.C.
in 1876, and is a Bencher of the Law
Society of Ontario. From the very

outset it was safe to predict a brilliant

and vigorous professional career for

Air. Hardy, for he had conspicuous

natural brilliancy. He was daring,

and had fire and unusual mental alert-

iiess. He soon became head of the

Bar in his county. He was first re-

turned to the Legislative Assembly for

his present seat in 1873 on the resigna-

tion of the sitting member, was re-

elected by acclamation at the general

election in 1875, appointed Provincial

Secretary and Registrar in March,

1877, at which time he was re-elected

by acclamation, and also re-elected at

the general elections of 1879, 1883, 1887, and i89o. Upon the resignation of the Hon. T.

j B. Pardee, he was in January, 1889, appointed Commissioner of Crown Lands. He is one of the strongest members in the Alowat ad-ministration, and has no superior i11 the House as a ready and effective speaker. Air. Hardy was married on January loth, IS 70, to Mary, daughter of the late Air. Justice Alorrison,of Toronto. He is not only thoroughly Canadian from both sides, but is specially a County of Brant man, his mother's faulily having settled in Brant County about the year iSoo, and his father's family having come to the county a few year's after. Mr. Hardy's children are the sixth generation of the family who have died, or were born, and are living in the county. South Brant is proud of her representative in the Local House, and from appearances will likely continue the honor.



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