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   bona near Peterborough, Out. He   Presbyterian Church, Oneida, Out.,

   received his earl}, education chiefly   111   was born in 185o, at Berwick-

at the Grammar School, Stratford, County- of Perth. After leaving the Grammar School he taught for several years, and also prosecuted his studies with a view to the Bar. Having changed his mind, he decided to study for the ministry and entered Knox College in 1859, and graduated in 1865. Soon after he was licensed by the Presbytery- of Paris, and received calls from Markham, Picton, 'Taterdown and Wellington Square. He accepted the latter and was ordained and inducted January 23rd, 1866. After remaining there fire years, he accepted a call to Knox Church, Ingersoll, where he remained eleven years. In 1882 he received the call to his present large and influential charge. In 1891 he was unanimously elected 'Moderator of the Synod of Toronto and Kingston. Mr. Grant is a most effective platform speaker, an able preacher and diligent pastor. He is also one of the most gifted magazine writers of the day. He married,'May 9, 1866, Marianne McMullen, Fergus, Ont.

on-Tweed, England. He received his preliminary° education at the schools of his native town. He emigrated to Canada in 1889, and after spending six months in Toronto, was called to the First Presbyterian Church, Port Colborne. He was unanimously called to Oneida June 26th, i89i, after repeated solicitations from that congregation to become their pastor. 'Ir. Turnbull studied at the University of Edinburgh, and afterwards at the English Presbyterian College in London. He was associated, for a time, with the late Prof. F,lnlslie at 'Willisden, and afterwards settled four Gears at Whitby-, Yorkshire, England, from which charge he came to Canada. He was married in 1885 to Louise Jane Beaumont, of South Elmsall, Yorkshire, England, by whom he has two daughters. In politics he belongs to the Reform party. Mr. Turn-bull will doubtless take a leading position in the ministry- of his church in this great Dominion.


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