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Toronto, was born in the
township of Vaughan, Ont., in July,
r846. He remained at home on the
farm until twenty, obliged to be content
with such educational advantages as
the district school then afforded. After
this he attended the Commercial Col-
lege, Toronto, for a term, and on the
completion of his studies, obtained a
position in the Registrar's Department,
Ottawa, where he remained two nears,
when he left and took a position as
copying clerk in the Toronto office of
Dun, Wirnaii & Co. After a short ap-
prenticeship there, he was sent by the

firin to their branch at Albany, N.Y.,

and after two years steady, hard work,

as clerk and traveller there, the firm

offered hiin the position of manager

of the Memphis, Tenn., office, which

offer he accepted, and after fire rears

labor, he left it in a flourishing condi-

tion. Mr. '_Matthews was harried at

Memphis in October, ',S73, and the fol-

lowing rear was appointed manager of

the Toronto office, with Hamilton as a

branch. Since taking charge in To-

ronto, the entire business has been

more than trebled, and branch offices

have been opened in London, Winni-

peg, Victoria and Vancouver. On leaving Memphis he was presented with an address signed by the entire whole-sale trade, bankers, and city officials, accompanied by a handsome gold watch. Mr. Matthews takes an active part in all athletic sports. He was mainly instrumental in getting up the Toronto Athletic Grounds Company, of which he was president for several rears. He is a member of the Granite Curling Rink, a director of the Great North-Western Telegraph Company, and Polson Iron Works Companv, and chairman of the Gymnasium Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association. He is considered an active and pushing member of society, and is highly esteemed by his fellow-citizens for his genial manners and obliging ways. The career of Mr. Matthews is evidence of what determination and perseverance can do in the absence of man advantages in early life.


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