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general manager and secretary of Consumers' Gas Co., Toronto, was born on the 9th of November, 1S3 i, at Brisbon, London, Eng. He was educated at Jolin Boyd's Academy, Toronto, in W. H. Coombe's, and the District Grammar School, Kingston, and other private schools. He received a thorough English education, and also a course in Latin. (The late Chief Justice Harrison and hrastus Winlan were his school-mates at Harte's Academy.) In early life lie had a strong predilection for music and art, but the death of his parents prevented the gratification of his desires. In 1849, under

the appeals of John B. Gough, he became a total abstainer. He entered the Toronto Post Office in 1847, when fifteen years of age, the entire staff at that time

consisting of postmaster three clerks and a letter carrier. His salary for three years was only $16o, and the labor, including Sunday, severe. He was appointed chief clerk of the Consuiuers' Gas Co. ill 1854, secretar}- in 1874, and general manager in 1887. When converted in 1552 he refused to work on the Lord's Day. Mr. Pearson was until twenty years of age a member of the Church of -England, but under the preaching of Rey-. James Caugliev, he joined the Richmond Street Methodist Church, where he remained a member for 36 years, till it was closed in 7888. He taught in the Sunday School six years, and was superintendent over thirty. Dur-   I_

ing this period the school was signally blessed by numerous conversions, many of whom entered the ministry. For some years the school was the largest in Canada. Numerous testimonials presented to him showed how his labors were valued. Mr. Pearson has been a class leader for 36 years, trustee and delegate to Conference, and for 35 years has given a loth of his income to the Lord. He has held the offices of director of the Consumers' Gas Co., Lind-say ; vice-president American Gas Light Association, and treasurer and director Toronto Philharmonic Society. He married Aliss M. A. Cline March 5th, 1856.


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