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ALA., Aurora, Out., «•as born on the

24th of April, 1842, at Allaliburgh, Welland Count-. His father was the late Sheriff Mussen, of the County of heeds and Grenville. He received his education at Belvidere Academy and Thorold Grammar School, and entered Trinity College in 1862, taking the fourth scholarship, graduating in 1567. For five years lie Nvas a member of the Queen's Own, and took part in the Battle of Ridgeway. He then began the stud- of theology, and in 1869 was ordained deacon in the Church of ii-land and priest ill IS;-o. He received the degree of M.A. in 1572. After ordination lie became inissionary in the township of Mam ers, and afterwards at Caledonia, York and Cayuga. From thence lie Nvent to Niagara Falls, then to Lakefield, and in i880 to Scarborough, where lie remained two }ears. He Nvas then appointed to .-aurora, where lie has been for nine years. He is a member of the Masonic Brotherhood, and also of the A.O.T-.NV

Society.   He married, in 1573, 1\1a3-

Victoria, daughter of L. Schofield, of   ALEXANDER H. BEATON-, JLD., 01,

Her Majesty's Customs, Prescott, Ont.   Orillia, Out., NN-as born April 20th,

1835, in the township of Pickering, Ontario County. He received his education at the public school of his native place, and at the age of eighteen obtained a second-class certificate. After this he taught in the township of Vaughan and at Duffin's Creek. In 18 58 he entered the office of Ross, Crawford & Cronibie, Toronto, for the purpose of studying law, but owing to circumstances, he had to abandon this and re-turned to teaching, which he followed until 1862, NN-hen he entered the Toronto School of Medicine. He attended the Rolph Medical School during the summer sessions, and graduated from that institution in 1564. After graduating lie began th;, practice of his profession, which he continued until he received his present appointment as Medical Superintendent of the Asylum for Idiots, Orillia, Out., which he fills Nvith much acceptance. In religion Dr. Beaton is a Presbvterian, and has been for male• rears an office-bearer in his church. In politics lie is a Liberal. He Nvas married in i 87o to Margaret Ann McNiven, of Bradford, Out.




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