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JOHN ELLIOTT, contractor and builder, Toronto, formerly of Brantford, was born at Heck, in the parish of Snaith, Yorkshire, England, August 15th, 1822, and is a son of the late Thomas Elliott, a native of Pontefract, Yorkshire. He left England 25th May, 1843, for Canada, passing on from Quebec to Montreal, Kingston, and Toronto. He then moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and other parts of the United States, where he remained about a year. In September, 1844, he returned to Toronto, and there worked at his trade as contractor and builder till June, 1846. In that year he

entered the firm of Wilson,

Elliott & Metcalf, stone-cutters and builders, which partnership was dissolved in two years. He then went into business on his own account in Toronto until July 14th, 1S5o, when he came to Brantford with his brother 'William, ender the name of J. and \V. Elliott. His brother William subsequently went to London. After the decease of his brother, John took up his business and built several public buildings. During his life in Brantford he erected the Central Prison, Toronto, the Post Office in that city, the Parliament buildings at Quebec, the Court House and jail in Bruce, and an addition to the county buildings in Brantford. He also erected the Hughes Bros. building, Toronto, did the mason work for the county buildings in Norfolk, and for the Hon. Vni. McMaster's store on Y ongestreet,Toronto—built

an addition to the Normal School, the Mammoth block on King street, and did the mason work on the Lieut.-Governor's house and other public buildings in Toronto and elsewhere. He is at present building the City Hall and Court House of Toronto, one of the finest buildings on the continent of its class. Sylvester Neelon is his partner, the firm naive being Elliott and Neelon. Mr. Elliott is a Mason, also a devoted member of the Methodist church. He has occupied all the prominent civic offices in Brantford. On his moving to Toronto he received a public banquet, an address and gold chronometer.


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