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JOHN CHAMBERS, Superintendent of Public Parks, Toronto, was born i ith November, 185o, at Canterbury, Eng. He was educated in the National and Grammar schools of Faversham, and, after leaving school, became apprentice to a florist, and studied landscape gardening and the nursery business. In 1871 he came to Canada and became foreman with the late James Fleming, one of the first florists in Ontario. After being seven years in his employment, he was appointed in 1878 by the Council to lay out the new Exposition Grounds, and afterwards received the

appointment of Superintendent of Parks. Many of the beautiful parks and gardens of Toronto have been laid out under his direction. Mr. Chambers is a member of St. Mark's Anglican Church, and in politics a pronounced Conservative. He is a member of the Masonic Brotherhood, Past Master of Alpha Lodge, a member of Ancient Royal Arch Chapter, and Cyrene Preceptory, of the Sons of England and other societies. He is also president of the Toronto Gardeners' and Florists' Society. He was married in 1872 to Elizabeth, daughter of John Robinson, Lambeth, London, Eng.



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