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W.E., MILLWARD , M.D., Grimsby-, NI © Out., was born in April, ISO, in the township of Grimsby. He was educated at the public schools of Grimsby and Nelson townships, and afterwards attended the Salt-fleet school. He then taught school for a time, and after taking a second-class certificate, attended for a time the Milton Grammar School. In 1S6o he entered the medical department of Victoria College, where he graduated in 1564. On leaving college he relieved two physicians, who were temporarily absent from practice, and then began practice for himself at Grimsby, which he has ever

since carried on successfully.   In religion

Mr. Miliward is an Episcopalian. In politics a Liberal-Conservative. He belongs to the Masonic body, is a member of the Royal Arch Knight Templars, Scottish Rite up to the thirty-second degree, of the A.O. U.W., Canadian Order of Foresters, and various other societies. He was married on the i nth of February, 1873, to Charlotte R., daughter of H. Salisbury, New York State, U.S.A.



manufacturer, GuelphR, Ont., was

born September 23rd, 1840, at Dover, Vt., U.S.A. He is the son of Lyman and Elizabeth Rice Burr, descendants of the earliest settlers in Massachussets. He received his education at the public schools, and in 1562 came to Canada and settled in Guelph. For a period of ten years he had the contract for ornamenting and gilding the well-known Raymond sewing machines. In I872 he relinquished this branch of business and commenced the manufacture of furniture iii company with his brother, F. C. Burr, and F. B. Skinner, the latter retiring in 1SS2, a business that from small beginnings has grown to be one of the largest of its kind iii Canada, it being well known from one end of the Dominion to the other. Mr. Burr is a prominent and active member of the Methodist Church in Canada, and also holds the offices of trustee and steward. He was married in 1S76 to Helen, daughter of William Mitchell, of Guelph, Ont. They have a family of two daughters.


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