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rister, solicitor, notary public,
etc., London, Ont., was born
8th March, 1857, in the township of
Markham. He left home at eleven
years of age, attending Fairfield
Academy first, and afterwards St.
Michael's College, Toronto. He also
received additional private tuition in
classics. He matriculated in law, and
became a member of the Law Society
in 1875, and was called to the Bar
in 1880. He was four years in the
office of W. R. Meredith, O.C. and
M.P.P., and then entered the office of
Hector Cameron, O.C., Toronto, as

managing clerk. In 188o he entered into partnership with him under the firm of Cameron & McPhillips, which continued nine years. Mr. McPhillips then practiced alone in Toronto until 1891, when he removed to London. The firm of Cameron & McPhillips were solicitors for many of the large corporate bodies, such as the Grand Junction Rail-way, Belleville and North Hastings Railway,Canadian Pacific (during construction), Old Dominion, Mont-real and Great Western Telegraph Companies, and Ontario solicitors for the Western Union Telegraph Company, of New York. Mr. McPhillips has been engaged in some of the most important law cases of the past ten years, several of which were argued before the Privy Council in England, and has had charge of celebrated divorce and alimony suits before the Canadian Senate. He has

been Professor of Law and Examiner in St. Michael's College four years, and has taken all but the final examination for LL.B. in Toronto University. He has travelled extensively on the continent of Europe and through the United States, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and possesses one of the finest private libraries in Canada. He enjoys a large and lucrative practice, having clients not only here, but in England and Germany. In politics, Mr. McPhillips is a prominent Conservative, and has conducted many contested election cases. In religion he is a Roman Catholic.


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