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The LATE JOHN HARRIS, president of the firm of A. Harris, Son & Co. (limited), Brant-ford, Ontario, was born in Boston, Townsend Town-ship, Norfolk Comity, on the 21st of July, 1841, and died in Brantford on the the 25th of August, 1887. He was the grandson of the Rev. John Harris and the Rev. Thomas Morgan, both Baptists and men of eminent ability. In his sixteenth year his father, Mr. Alan-son Harris, moved to Beamsville, where John attended the grammar school. In his eighteenth year he made a profession of faith and united with the Baptist Church in that place. On the 14th of October, 1863, he was married to Alice Jane Tufford, who still survives him. After his marriage he entered into partnership with his father, under the style of A. Harris & Son, and the business having increased

rapidly, they removed in 1872 to Brantford, where the firm was enlarged and styled by its present name. He enjoyed the sincere affection of the hundreds of his workmen, and, as one remarked at his death, " Seemed more anxious concerning- their spiritual welfare than their work or wages." He occupied important offices in the church, and taught a large Bible class. He was president of the Young Men's Christian Association for two successive years, president of the Bible Society, alderman, and chairman of the finance committee of the City Council. Some years before his death, declining

health compelled him to desist from some of his manifold Christian duties. Hoping that a sea voyage would establish his health, he went to England, and subsequently to Clifton Springs, N.Y., but all these efforts were unavailing. On the 6th of August he returned to his home, where he lingered on the border land before he crossed the Jordan of death, speaking loving words to his family and friends. During his trying sickness he never murmured, but waited with Christian patience the time of his departure. He has left behind a precious memory and an example of honor and Christian manhood.


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