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G.H. BISBY, of Long & Bisby, Hamill

• ton, Out., was born at \Vest Win-field, Herkimer County, New York, on the loth of March, 1836. His father was Julius Bisby, of that place. He received his education at the public schools of West Winfield. Leaving school in 18J4, he entered with his father into the general mercantile trade, which he abandoned in 1857, and was appointed teller and book-keeper in the Bank of West Winfield, which position he filled with every satisfaction to the bank, retaining it until 1862. He then came to Canada and became book-keeper for the Canada Felt Hat Works until the retirement of the firm in 1864. He then became partner of the firm of A. L. Woodruff & Co. until 1867, when it was dissolved, then entered into partnership with Mr. Long, whose portrait appears on this page. The business is now one of the largest of the kind in Canada. Mr. Bisby is in religion a Unitarian, and in politics a Protectionist. He was married on the 15th of December, 1890, to Jennie A., daughter of P. G. Long, of Farmington, alo., U.S.

William DUBART LONG, of the

firm of Long & Bisby, wool merchants, Hamilton, Out., was born at Farming-ton, Missouri, U.S., November 18th, 1840. He is the eldest son of P. G. and Isabella M. Long, of that place. He was educated at the public schools of Farmington, after which, in 1854, he engaged in farming and the tannery business under his father, and was afterwards engaged for a time in steam-boating on the Osage River, after which he travelled iii the South-Western States in the interest of McClurg, Murphy & Co., of Lynn Creek, Missouri, until 1862, when he left the United States for Canada. He then accepted a position in the wool business, which he retained until 1867, when the firm retired, and he, with his present partner, Mr. Bisby, took it up, and which still continues under the name of Long & Bisby. The business under its present enterprising management has grown to large proportions, and has held the confidence of the public for a quarter of a century. In politics Mr. Long belongs to the Conservative or Protectionist party.


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