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L.D.S., Toronto, Out., was born on

August Ilth, 1862, at Athens, Ohio, U.S.A. He is a son of Thomas \V. Sparrow, M,D.. and Lydia A. Weethee, B.S. He came to Canada in 1879. His education began in the public school of Athens, but at the age of thirteen, owing to financial difficulties at hone, he deter-mined to provide for himself. He learned the printing business, and finally became associate editor upon the journal he began with as a news-boy. Coming to Canada, he continued his occupation—now as a " typo," now as a reporter, then again as an editor—when failing health compelled him to relinquish his vocation altogether. His education has been acquired by the faithful improvement of midnight hours and leisure moments. He comes of a literary family—his uncle, Rev. J. P. Weethee, LL.D., being a prominent lecturer and author in the United States, and a contributor to Canadian and American periodicals. Mr. Sparrow has since become a

member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, and has a splendid dental practice.



Brampton, Ont., was born on the 2211d


of December, 1841, in Northampton-
shire, England. He was educated at the public
schools of England, and the Public High School
and Normal School, Toronto. After teaching
school in Toronto Gore for ten years, he began
business in Brampton in 1873 as dealer in house-
hold furniture, musical instruments, etc., in which
he has been most successful. His intelligent in-
terest in public affairs, and his broad grasp of
matters affecting the welfare of the community,
resulted in his repeated election to the Town
Council for many years, and in 1891 was elected

Mayor Treadgold is a member, class

leader, trustee and superintendent of the Sunday School in the Methodist Church, has been a local preacher for thirty years, and has filled every office of importance open to laymen. He is in politics a Liberal, is a member of the Masonic Brotherhood, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, A.O.U. Workmen, Select Knights and other organizations. In 1866 he was married to Mary A., daughter of Wm. Dobson, of Toronto Gore, Peel County, Out.



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