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F.R.S.C., F.R.A.S., late Fellow

of St. John's College, Cam-

bridge, director of the Magnetic Ob-
servatory, Toronto, and director of the
Meteorological Service of the Dominion
of Canada, was born September 19th,
1846, at Streatham Hill, Surrey, Eng.
His parents were William Carpmael
and Sarah, whose maiden name was
Pitt, his father being well known as a
patent agent. Mr. Carpmael was edu-
cated at Clapham Grammar School.
He gave his attention particularly to
the study of mathematics and natural
and experimental sciences. In 1865

he obtained a scholarship at St. John's College, Cam-bridge, and went into residence in that institution the same year. His studies during the next three years were almost entirely mathematical. In i S6S lie obtained a foundation scholar-ship, and in January, 1869, he entered for the mathematical tripos, and was classed sixth in the list of wranglers. The following year he devoted to the study of chemistry and physics, and for the next year and one-half he studied law. In 187o he was elected Fellow of St. John's College, and the same year he was a member of the British Eclipse Expedition to Spain. Mr. Carpmael has taken a deep interest in volunteer movements, and has been a member of the corps. He has also been a great traveller, having visited France, Holland, North Germany, Switzerland, the North of Italy and Spain at various

times. He first visited the United States and Canada in 1871, and remained until 1872. During this tour he visited Toronto, which visit led to his ultimately settling iii Canada. He was married in June, 1876, to Julia, youngest daughter of Walter McKenzie, of Castle Frank, Toronto, Clerk of the County Court. In religion he is an Anglican. Mr. Carpmael was on the first council of the Royal Society of Canada, appointed by the Marquis of Lorne, and in 1886 became president of Section 3 of that society, and in 1888 he was appointed president of the Canadian Institute.


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