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D.D., Toronto, was born in the
township of South%void, Ont.,
[annary 5th, 1840. He attended the
public school at Fingal, and, with
iterary tastes and ambitions, entered
.he Normal School, Toronto, where, at
.he age of seventeen, he obtained a
first-class certificate. He at once took
.barge of the Select School, Arkona,
[,ambton County, which he taught for
year very successfully. Here a
!hhage came over his life and he corn-
nenced his studies for the ministry of
he Methodist Church, entering Victoria
ollege, Cobourg, from which he gra-

duated in 1864 as medalist and valedictorian. He was then ordained and appointed to Toronto. In 1866 he be-came assistant to Rev. Dr. Douglas, Montreal, and the following three years labored in Windsor, Out., when he received and accepted a second call to Toronto. His next appointment was to the Centenary Church, Hamilton. At the end of three years he became pastor of Wesley Church in that city, which church, under his charge, was erected into a large and beautiful edifice. In 1878 an urgent request was sent from the Quarterly Official Board of St. James Street Church, Montreal, asking for his transference to the Montreal Conference, which was granted. In 1882 he was transferred from Montreal to the Metropolitan Church, Toronto. After completing his term here, he was called to the Carle-

___   ton Street Church, and is now pastor of Trinity

Church in that city. He was president

of the Toronto Conference iii 1889, and

secretary of conferences for the two

years previous. He is a member of the

Board and Senate of Victoria University,

and also of the Board of the Montreal

Theological College. Mr. Johnston is

a very forcible and successful preacher,

and he also wields a very able and very

graceful pen. The well-known and

able book, " Toward the Sunrise," is

from his pen, and has already reached the

third edition. His " Life of Punshon

has also had a wide circulation. In

1876 he married Eliza, daughter of

Ald. Richard Holland, Montreal.


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