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JAMES ARCH. MACDONALD, barrister, Toronto, was born on the 1st of September, 1863, in that city. By parentage he is Scotch. He received his elementary education at the public schools, and finished under private tutors. At the age of twenty Mr. Macdonald was one of the finest specimens of Canadian manhood, and considered one of the best athletes. He was one of the Toronto Lacrosse Club, when it gained the championship of the world. He began the study of law in 1882 with the firm of floss & Co., and was called to the Bar in 1887. He then entered

into partnership with W. B. McMurrich, O.C., until 1889, when he began practice for himself. His success at the Bar has been very marked, and his services sought after in some of the most important criminal cases, such as that of Kane, who murdered his wife in 1889, and Byron, who murdered Wade, in the i\Iimico tragedy of 1890, which cases, together with his recent appearance in the celebrated cases of Taylor vs. Johnston and Massey, brought him prominently before the public. His future promises to he a brilliant one. In religion Mr. Macdonald is a liberal-minded Presbyterian.


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