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Toronto, was born at Portsmouth,
Eng., on the 5th of August, 1846,
his father being the late Fred. W.
Cumberland, general manager of the
Northern Railway of Canada. He was
brought to Canada when 10 months old.
He was educated at the Model Grammar
School, Toronto, at Cheltenham, Col-
lege, England, and Trinity University,
Toronto, of which he holds the degree
of M. A. After his college course he
entered the Law Society and became a
student in the office of Oster and Moss.
Preferring business to law, he went
into Railway construction under Alex.

Manning, and afterwards entered the service of the great Western Railway Co., then under the management of \V. K. Muir. He was afterwards general freight and passenger agent of the Northern Railroad for six years, and then going into steamboating, organized the Niagara Navigation Co., and was manager of the Collingwood and Lake Superior Line of Steamships for eleven years. He established the General Tourist Ticket office in Toronto, and is agent for the largest tourist and steamship companies in England, America, and in all parts of the world. Mr. Cumberland belongs to the Episco

pal Church, and is one of its representatives at the Synod of Toronto. He is president of the St. George's Society, an office-holder in the Sons of England, vice-president of the Niagara Navigation Co., president of Toronto and l\Iiniico Electric R.R. Co., president of the National Club, Toronto, chairman of the Marine Section, and a member of the Council of the Toronto Board of Trade. Mr. Cumberland is one of the most prominent and popular citizens of the Queen City. To his fostering hand Toronto owes a great increase of the water traffic which comes and goes from her docks. He is sort of " guardian to the Grenadiers," the regiment founded by his father, and in whose ranks he himself served as private, and retired as captain. He is a representative Canadian. His motto is "Dominion before Province—Canada United and First."


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