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Very REV. GEORGE MIGNON INNES, Dean of the Diocese of Huron, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Ont., was born at Weymouth, Dorset, England, on the 21st January, 1826. He was married first in 184 to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Colonel Clarke, of the 76th Regiment, and second in 1867 to Annie, daughter of Daniel McCallum, Esq., of Quebec. His father was the Rev. John Boutet Innes, an English clergyman, and his mother Mary Evans. Dean Innes was educated at Mill-Hill College, England, and at Sandhurst Military College, and is an M.A. of Bishop's College Univer-

site. He entered the army in 1849, and served for over a period of twelve years in the Royal Canadian Rifles, from which he retired as captain in 861. He then studied theology, and was ordained deacon at London in 1862 by the Bishop of Huron, and priest in the following year. He was then appointed incumbent of Christ Church, London, and in i S63 went to Quebec as assistant minister in the Cathedral, returning to Lon-don in 1868 as assistant in the Cathedral there. In 1869 he was appointed Canon of the Cathedral, in 1871 Rector, and in ISMS Dean of Huron. He has held many other important offices, such as Commissary and Administrator of the Diocese of Huron for Bishop Hell ninth and Bishop Bald-win, and Commissary in Huron for the Bishop of Algoma. Dean Innes is a man of liberal scholarship, very zealous in the work of

the Gospel, and is beloved and respected, not only by the members of the Anglican Church, but by every Christian denomination. I Ie is a model parochial pastor, throwing his whole heart and soul into his work, and sympathising with his flock in their varied circumstances. As a preacher he is pleasing and impressive, thoroughly Evangelical

his theology, and fearless in setting forth the Gospel. His congregation is large, and his influence for good felt far beyond the city of London. Such men are the light of the world and the hope of Christian civilization.


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