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Toronto, was born

~ in the County of Welland on the i 1th September, 1840. His ancestors were U. E. Loyalists, who preferred pioneering in Canada under the old flag to citizenship under the Stars and Stripes. He was educated in Toronto, and took away from the schools ample knowledge for a successful business life. Banking having most attractions for him, he entered the Bank of Toronto as clerk

1861, and after giving proof of industrious habits and excellent business ability, he was appointed manager of the branch at Port Hope. This position he held until 1876, when he re-tired from banking life and was chosen to the management of the London and Ontario Investment Coinpany, where he has remained as the head of this important business ever since. It need hardly be

said that he is regarded by all who know him as a man of rare business habits, energetic and pushing, while at the same time possessed of a clear head and sound judgment. He has in his veins a mixture of the Irish and Scotch elements, which, when properly blended, are of rare value to public men—the impetuosity and fire of the one being tempered and restrained by the cool judgment and caution of the other. Mr. Cosby is a Liberal in politics, but has never taken any prominent part, and seems to have no desire for party strife. In religion he belongs to the Presbyterian Church, as did his ances-

tors. He was married in 1870 to Clara A. Worts, daughter of J. G. Worts, of the widely known firm of Gooderham

Worts, distillers, Toronto. As a resident of Toronto, he is an important acquisition to the mercantile and social life of the city, and in his own sphere less obtrusive perhaps than that of many others, has aided in its progress. Such sterling, straightforward business men, found at the head of so many of our monetary institutions, have given Canada a reputation for integrity and solidity above that of many other countries. That their number may never grow less is to be devoutly wished.


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