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_Niagara Falls, Out., was born at

Centralia, Ont. He is the second

son of Rev. Ephraim


L. Koyl, Methodist

He intended entering business life,

but in 18'78 felt called to the sacred ministry. He was admitted to the London district on probation and afterwards transferred to Brant-ford, and is thus a member of the Niagara Conference of the Methodist Church. With indefatigable energy he pushed his way through college, graduating with high honors in metaphysics in 1886. He also obtained the Punshon prize, and was valedictorian for that year. He was ordained in Woodstock the year of his graduation, and was afterwards stationed at Paris, Bearnsville and Ingersoll. After which he was laid aside for a time on ac-count of ill health, but has since been fully restored. Mr. Koyl as a preacher is more than ordinarily attractive and impressive, being gifted with unusual oratorical powers, he can-not fail to rise to a high position in his church. He was married August 25th, 1886, to Miss Letta Bigelow, of Lindsay, Ont.


Cathcart, Ont., was born December

29th, 1857, at St. Thomas. He

remained at home on his father's farm until eighteen years of age, after which he commenced teaching school. He received his education at the High School in St. Thomas, and at Victoria University, where he was a specialist in Hebrew. In 1875 he was converted and at once joined the Methodist Church. It soon became evident to the church that he had qualifications for the ministry, and in 1876 was granted a local preacher's license. In 1878 he was received on probation by the London Conference. Before ordination he travelled the following circuits : South Cayuga, Springfield and Bismarck. He was ordained in 1884 and was appointed to Sheffield circuit, where he remained two years. He then took a trip to England for his health, and returning, spent one year in Michigan, when he again returned to Ontario, and was appointed to his present charge. Mr. Voaden is doing effective work for the church of his choice, and is greatly beloved by his people.


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