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M.D., Toronto, was born at
Cobourg, Out., on the 31st January,
185o, and was married to Mary A.
Thomas, May 15th, 1877. He took his
art course at Victoria College, Cobourg,
and his medical course at Trinity Col-
lege, Toronto, where he gained the
University medal in 1875. In the
same year he attended Bellevue Hospi-
tal Medical College, New York, and
received the " Mott" surgical prize.
His preceptors were Drs. Clark and
Wade, of Cobourg, and Dr. Frank H.
Hamilton, of New York. Dr. Powell
was one of the youngest volunteers at

the Fenian Raid in 1866. After that

he took a course and was graduated at

the School of Gunnery. He is a keen

sportsman and has always been fond

of athletic pursuits. Dr. Powell began

practice at Edgar, Simcoe County,

where he remained eleven years. In

1886 he removed to Toronto, where he

has acquired an excellent practice. He

is a frequent contributor to medical

journals, and has read many papers

before medical societies. Dr. Powell

conies of good old Methodist stock and

is an active worker and church member.

He is a thoroughly pronounced tem-

perance reformer, one of the founders and the second president of the Medical Student's Temperance League, an organizaticjn to which about half of the medical students in Toronto now belong. He was for three years treasurer of the Ontario Medical Association, and for one year its vice-president. Among the many professional and responsible positions held by Dr.Powell,the followin g may be named :—Lecturer on the Practice of Surgery in the Women's Medical College, Toronto ; Second Demonstrator of Anatomy and Lecturer on Surgical Appliances in Trinity Medical College, Coroner of the city of Toronto, curator of the Ontario Medical Library, first vice-president of the Toronto Medical Society, Surgeon to the Massey Manufacturing Company, Medical Examiner of the Confederation Life Association, remember of the Toronto Amateur Photographic Association.


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