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PHILIP W.M. ELLIS, Toronto, was born in that city September i ith, 18 6. His father was \V. H. Ellis, C.E., of Liverpool, Eng. Mr. Ellis was educated at the Toronto Model School and Collegiate Institutes. At an early age he became apprenticed to the working jewellery business. In 1872, in company with his twin brother, he founded the firm of P. W. Ellis

Co., wholesale jewellers, his brother, M. C. Ellis, being now president of the Canadian Association of Dealers in American \latches and Cases. The firm employ over one hundred hands, and do the largest jewellery business

of the kind in Canada Mr. Ellis is a member and steward of the Eglinton Methodist Church, and takes an active part in the affairs of the denomination. He is also a member of the Board of Trade, vice-president of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, and chair-man of the Industrial Art and Design Committee, and has also been vice-president of the Toronto Young Alen's Liberal-Conservative Association. He was married in IS8o to Elizabeth K., daughter of the late Jas. Gooderham, Streetsville, Ont. Mr. Ellis gained his present honorable position by honest, persevering industry.


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