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--l-) ford, Ont., was born September
12th, 1846, in the County of

Hastings, Out. He received his preliminary education at the Newburgh Academy, and afterwards entered Trinity College, Toronto, where he graduated in 1879. He began public life as a common school teacher, and afterwards went into business, at the age of 21. In 1876 he gave up mercantile life and began the practice of medicine, but after a short time accepted an appointment from the Canada Life Assurance Company of Hamilton to look after their interests in several

counties Western Ontario. At the present time he conducts a very large business in real estate in the town of Galt and elsewhere, and is also engaged in extensive lumbering operations in the County of Bruce. Dr. Lowrey is a prominent member of the Methodist denomination, a local preacher, c ass leader, steward and Sabbath School superintendent, and takes a deep interest in all moral and religious work. He is a pronounced Prohibitionist and active in temperance reform. He was married August 12th, 1874, to Mary Cathey, daughter of John Cathey, Esq., Alderville, Out.


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