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W ALTER WOODS, senior member of the well known firm of Walter Woods & Co., manufacturers, importers and wholesale dealers in wooden ware, willow ware and grocers' sundries, Hamilton, Out., was born on the loth of July, 1S4$, and is the eldest son of James Woods, for many years an esteemed resident of Brantford, and one of the pioneer settlers of Brant County, having at one time occupied part of the property now so well known as " Bow Park " farm on the Grand River. At the age of fourteen Mr. Woods began to make his way in the world by selecting a mercantile life as

his vocation, and at the age of eighteen had charge of one of the leading crockery and china houses iii Ontario. In 1871 he began business a small way on his own account, and soon after moved to Hamilton, where, by strict attention to business, liberal advertising and hard work, he has built up one of the best known houses in his line in Canada. His Avell-known success is due to the uniform quality of his goods, and the unflinching integrity with which he conducts his business. l\Ir. Woods is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and, though not an active politician, is a staunch Reformer.


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