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Brantford, Ont., was born in
the year 1842 in Argyleshire,
Scotland, and was married in 1870 to
Eliza Bryce, daughter of Mr. George
Bryce, of Mount Pleasant, and sister
of Dr. George Bryce, of Manitoba Col-
lege. The father of Dr. Marquis died
when he was seven years of age, and
two years afterwards, his mother with
her five children emigrated to New
York, U.S., and located for a year near
Caledonia, New York State. After this
she came to Canada, and with her
family settled in the township of Brant-
ford, County of Brant. Dr. Marquis

spent his early years on the farm. He was educated in the public schools of the county, and afterwards at the Grammar School of the village of Mount Pleasant, the head master at that time being Walter T. Briggs, to whose ability as a teacher Dr. Marquis owes much of his subsequent success in life. Mr. Briggs was not only singularly gifted in his profession, but kind and sympathetic as a friend to all his pupils. On leaving the grammar school he immediately conmenced the study of medicine under the Hon. Dr. John Rolph, who was then Dean of the School of Medicine in connection with

Victoria University. Gra-

duating in the year 1867,

he at once commenced the

practice of his profession

in the village of Mount

Pleasant, near the city of

Brantford, where he re-

mained for twenty-two years.

On the death of Dr. Win.

Corson, he received from

the Ontario Government the

appointment of physician

to the Ontario Institute for

the Blind in Brantford, and

removed from :Alount Pleas-

ant to that city, where he

now resides. Dr. Marquis

has a very large practice

both in city and country,

and is sought after very

frequently in consultation.

He has repeatedly visited

the New York hospitals,

and is regarded as a special-

ist in several intricate dis-

eases. He is a member and

manager of Zion Presby-

terian Church, and has been

for two years president of

Brant County Medical As-

sociation, in which he is

deservedly popular.


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