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J.M. STAEBLER, the present mayor of the well-known • manufacturing town of Berlin,

was born August 16th, 1846, in the County of Waterloo. When but merely a lad he was obliged to perform hard manual toil in carving out a pioneer's house with his father, which, of coarse, prevented his attendance at school. But Young Staebler was determined to have an education, and so utilized his few spare moments that he can to-day talk, read and write the English and German languages fluently, and is in the highest sense of the word a self-made man. His general intelligence

and business capacity soon attracted public attention, and in the year ISSo he was elected a member of the Town Council, which was soon followed by the greater honor of the reeveship. Both of these offices he filled with credit to himself and satisfaction to the people, which was made evident by his election to the mayoralty in 1891 by a hand-some majority. In matters of religion he is broad and liberal in his views, and is in sympathy with all who are en-gaged in Christian work irrespective of their creed. Mr. Staebler's success is the result of great industry and per-severance.


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