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JOHN MARTIN, barrister, solicitor and notary public, of Toronto, was born in Mono tovVnship, County of Simcoe, Ont., 8th November, 1841. His father came to Canada when young, and settled on a farm near Orangeville. Mr. Martin was educated in the public schools and by private tuition. At the age of four-teen he became assistant hook-keeper in the Exchange Bank, Toronto. From 186o to 1863 he taught public school, and in February, 1864, came to Toronto and studied law in the office of English & Foster, and subsequently with Larratt \V. Smith, I).C.I,. He then

went to London and concluded his studies in the office of V. Crowyn, LL.B., and was called to the Bar in IS73. After this he became partner with Mr. Crowyn for about five years, when he finally removed to Toronto, and has since practiced his profession there. Mr. Martin was married on the 17th June, 1874, to Sophia, daughter of Charles Scadding, who became heirat-law of his father, John Scadding, who accompanied Governor Simcoe to Canada as private secretary, and neice of Rev. H. Scadding, D.D., Toronto, Mr. Martin is an Episcopalian, and in politics a Liberal.


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