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W. M. WINSLOW OGDEN, M.B., M.D., Professor of Forensic Medicine, Toronto University, was born on the 3rd July, 1837, in Peel County, Out. His father was Wm. J. Ogden, an officer of the York militia. On the 27th of May, 1862, Dr. Ogden married Elizabeth Price, daughter of the late Win. McKeown. His early education was received at the public schools and Toronto academy, then connected with Knox College. He afterwards attended Victoria College, where he took the regular arts course, and in 1836 entered the Toronto School of Medicine, and at the same time studied natural science

in Toronto University. In 186o Ile graduated with the highest honors from Toronto, and at a later date from Victoria College, Cobourg. In 1869 he was appointed lecturer on medical j urisprudence and toxicology in Toronto School of Medicine, and in 1887, upon the formation of the medical faculty of Toronto University, was appointed professor of forensic medicine, which also includes toxicology and medical psychology. Dr. Ogden has attained a position in his profession second to none in Ontario, and is known far beyond Toronto as a public-spirited citizen, who takes the deepest interest in all that affects the welfare of the Dominion of Canada. Since 1866 he has been a member of the Public School Board of Toronto, and for some years its chair-man. In politics he is a pronounced Reformer, and has rendered valuable service to his party. For a

long period he was a member of the Toronto Reform Association, and also held the office of vice-president. In 1879 he was nominated by the Reform party as their candidate for the Legislature of Ontario, and although he failed to secure election, he very greatly increased the Reform votes usually polled in the riding where he ran. Dr. Ogden is a member of the Methodist Church, and has been a member of nearly all the annual and general conferences. He is a member of the Sons of England, and medical director and examiner for its beneficiary department.


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