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HUGH DUNCAN CAMERON, Hamilton, Out., was born in Perthshire, Scotland, 26th July, 1833. His father came to Canada in 1852 and settled in Huron County. Mr. Cameron received his education at the public schools, afterwards at a private academy in Edinburgh. On his arrival in. Canada, he taught in the township of Williams, and subsequently in that of Dorchester. In 1855 he was appointed head master iii Godericli, which he held fifteen years, when he became head master of Galt Central School. In 1870 he accepted a position in the Huron and Erie Savings Co.,

and in 1871 was selected to organize and manage the Hamilton Provident and Loan Society. He organized and was afterwards president of the Teachers' Association of the County of Huron. In religion Mr. Cameron is a Presbyterian, and has held the offices of manager, elder, superintendent of Sabbath School, representative elder at Synod, and at the Union of the Churches. He is a Reformer, a member of St. Andrew's Society, and vice-president of the Land Mortgage Co. He married, April 8, 'SSS, Harriet, daughter of Thos. Putnam, Dorchester township.


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