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ADAM SPENCE, carriage builder,
Brantford, Out., was born in
the Orkney Islands, Scotland,
on August 8th, 1830. He was married
on the 24th of January, 1856, to Sarah
Speer, who died on the 16th of Novem-
ber, 1858, and was married again on
the 1 Sth of September, I S6o, to Mar-
garet Spence. Mr. Spence was edu-
cated in the schools of Orkney, but on
account of the distance he could only
attend in the summer season, so that
his early educational advantages were
comparatively limited. He assisted his
father on the farm for a year, and
at fifteen was apprenticed to the trade

of blacksmithing. After

serving three years, at the

early age of nineteen, he

left his native country for

Canada, and served two

years as a carriage black-

smith under instructions

with Williams & Cooper, at

Hamilton, Out. In 1854

he removed to Brantford

and worked as a journey-

man for the firm of Smith

& McNaught. In the year

1857 lie commenced busi-

ness on his own account,

since which time his busi-

ness has steadily increased,

until now it is one of the

best known iii Ontario. Be-

ginning as a blacksmith, he

added to this the manufac-

ture of wagons and car-

riages of all descriptions.

In June, 1864, his premises

were burned and his stock

consumed, leaving him with-

out anything. He com-

menced again, buying the

present site and building

upon it, and with the same

untiring energy that char-

acterized his younger years, he has attained his present position as a prosperous and reliable business man. Mr. Spence is a self-made man and an example for many in Canada to follow. He is a Presbyterian by religions profession and a member of Zion Church, with which he became identified in 18J5. In 18J9 he was elected to the eldership. For many years he was alderman of the city and a member of the public school board. He is a member of the Masonic body and of the United AVorkmen. In such lives we have an illustration of what faithful persevering efforts will accomplish.


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