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Paris, Ontario, was

born on the 1st of March, 1834, in the city of Montreal, Que. He is the eldest son of Nicol Hugh Baird, Civil Engineer, and Mary Telfer White, both of whom were born in Scotland, and were married at Bytown (now Ottawa) in 1831. His father practiced his profession in Russia for a few years, then came to Canada in 1827, and was employed on the Rideatt Canal under Colonel By, and after this in the Public Works Department until his death in 1849. Mr. Baird was educated at private schools in Montreal, and came to Paris at the age of fifteen as clerk for Mr. Chas. Whitelaw, grain merchant there, and with the exception of four years, when he was paymaster on the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, has resided there ever since. He is interested in several of the Paris in-

dustries, such as the Flooring Mills, the Carpet Co. and the Wincey Mills Co. He has been a member of the Paris Town Council since 1863, with the exception of three years, and has held, for longer or shorter periods, the offices of Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Mayor, Warden of the County of Brant, member of Public School Board, President and Director of the Mechanics Institute, and President of the Board of Trade. Mr. Baird was also Master of Masonic Lodge No. 82. He has taken a very deep interest in the Canadian volunteer service, holds a first-class certificate from the Military

School, and retired as captain in 1874. In politics he is a Liberal-Conservative, and takes an active part in political campaigns, having contested the North Riding of Brant in 1872 and in 1879. Mr. Baird was married on the 26th of October, 1858, to Cynthia, eldest daughter of the late Horace Capron, of South Dumfries. In religion, Mr. Baird is a member of the Congregational Church. The valuable services he has rendered the town of Paris during his long public career have made him deservedly popular, and have had much to do with the prosperity of the community.


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