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~\ McGREGOR, B. A., Forest,
~~ Ont., was born in Scotland
in 1851. He was educated at Montreal,
where he graduated at McGill College
in arts, and afterwards at the Congre-
gational Theological College there.
From his earliest years he was devoted
to literary pursuits, and passionately
fond of music. He began professional
life by teaching in a public school in
the County of Ontario for four years.
Immediately after graduation he was
called to the pastorate of the Congrega-
tional Church in Listowel, Ont. His
next charge was that of the Congrega-

tional Church, Spadina Avenue, Toronto, of which he was pastor for ten years. He is at present a member of the Missionary and College Boards, and has also been a director of the Upper Canada Bible Society, and was president of the Toronto Ministerial Association during the year IS 9o. Mr. McGregor has taken a prominent part ill the formation of the Christian Endeavor Societies, now found in connection wth many of the Evangelical churches of the Dominion. He organized the first society in the province, if not in the Dominion, in connection with the Congregational Church, Spadina Avenue, Toronto. This society was established in 1884, and in 1890 a Junior Section was organized, composed of boys and girls between the ages of ten and fifteen. At the recent meeting of the Congregational Union of Ontario and Ouebec, Mr.

McGregor was unanimously and very heartily chosen as Moderator or Chair-man for 1891-92. This is the highest honor in the gift of the churches to confer. After a successful pastorate in Toronto, Mr. McGregor removed last October to Forest, Out., where he is now ministering to the Congregational Church, and doing missionary work in the surrounding fields. He was married in 1852 to Miss E. Ashdown, of Toronto. As a contributor to one of the leading Toronto weeklies, his biographical and critical papers on " Poets and Poetry," have received wide and favorable notice.


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