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GRANT, dry goods

merchant, Brant-ford, Ontario, is a native of Scotland, and was born in Cupar, Fifeshire, iu 1832. He came to Canada twenty-two years later, and located in St. John, N.B., where he remained two years. In 1856 he came to Brantford in connection with the firm of Taylor & Grant. After the dissolution of that firm he began business on his own account, and is now at the head of one of the largest mercantile firms in Ontario. Captain Grant has always been a public-spirited citizen, and has taken a deep interest iii the growth and welfare of his adopted home. For many years he commanded the Brantford Highland Volunteer Rifle Co., and served for several months during the year 1863-4 at Sarnia shortly after the St. Albans Raid, and in 1866 when the Fenian troubles agitated the

country, he was called again into active service. Captain Grant was a fine type of the volunteer soldier, an excellent officer, and beloved by his men. He has ever been active on the Board of Trade, and has devoted many years of laborious service on the Board of Public School Trustees, taking a singularly active interest in all local educational affairs. Great credit is due him, along with other prominent members of the School Board, for the erection of the handsome new public school in the city of Brantford. In 1890 he was elected unanimously to the position of chair-man of the board, a position which he

occupied in former years. In the great calamity which befell the school by fire, he proved himself a man of more than ordinary capacity ; faithful, earnest and untiring in his efforts to promote the educational interests of the city. Mr. Grant is ably assisted in his business by his three sons and a staff of reliable assistants. He is a member of Zion Presbyterian Church, and has been for many years treasurer to the congregation. He is also an earnest temperance man, always having the courage of his convictions. Honest, straightforward, out-spoken, he commands the respect of all.


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