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born in London, England, in 1555•
He received his early education in the
Royal Naval School, and at the Royal
Naval Academy, Southsea. He passed
the competitive examination for naval
cadet in 1868, and remained in the navy
until 1873, when he came to Canada.
Taking up the art of pianoforte tuning,
he prosecuted its study with determina-
tion to succeed. Perseverance, coupled
with an acute musical ear, produced a
marked success, leading to an engage-
ment with the celebrated firm of Mason
& Risch, and later as instructor in

the art at the Ontario Institution for the Blind. He refers with pardonable pride to the success of the pupils, about twenty of whom having passed under his tutor-ship. The disadvantages of their affliction are so far overcome that some of them are to-day recognized as among the best tuners iii the province. He commenced his successful business career in Brantford in 1877, the year it became a

city. The eclectic know-ledge of pianofortes, gathered from a tuner's varied experience, finely cultivated discrimination of tone quality, with the practical experience of the factory, together with his stirling integrity, renders his assistance in the selection of instruments of peculiar value to his patrons. These qualities have enabled him to include among his customers the leading people in the community, and have laid the foundation of one

of the most prosperous piano emporiums in the province. Mr. Raymond imports direct from some of the leading American factories, but he is a staunch advocate of our own manufactories, believing that the best makers rival those of New York in quality, and are more economical in price. He is an alder-man of the city, also member of the Board of Trade, and was for some years president of the Farrington De-bating Society, from which have sprung many men who have made their mark as public speakers. He married Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Thomas Racey, in the year I SS 1.


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