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ALBERT E. K. GREER, B.A., I   barrister, Toronto, was born

December 25, 186o, at " Rose Lawn," Colborne, County of Northumberland, Ont. He was educated at Col-borne High School and the University of Toronto, which he entered in 1879, and from which he graduated B.A. in 1883. Mr. Greer from his boyhood took a great interest in politics, in debating societies, and in literary pursuits. At the age of seventeen he was elected president of the Literary Institute of his native town. At the age of twenty-three he delivered a series of addresses throughout Cornwall, Eng., on Canada,

urging tenant-farmers and others with means to emigrate. Many of these availed themselves of the opportunities presented, and are now happily located in the great North-West. Mr. Greer studied law with Judge Ketchum in Colborne, and subsequently with Delamere, Reesor & English, Toronto. He was called to the Bar in 1SSS. He is solicitor for several of the most successful corporations in Ontario. He is a prominent member of the Young 'Men's Liberal-Conservative Association, a member of St. Andrew's Lodge A.F. & A.M., No. 16 G.R.C., and belongs to the Anglican Church.


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