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Medical Superintendent of
z) Rotherham House, his pri-

vate hospital, 54, 56 and 58 Isabella
street, Toronto, was born in Barrie in
1846, and married in 1873 Annie Rolph,
daughter of the late George Rolph, of
Dundas. He took degrees of M.D. at
Queen's University, Kingston, and
Harvard University, Boston. The sub-
ject of this sketch affords an illustra-
tion of what can be achieved by appli-
cation and constant higher aim in life.
Graduating iii 1867, he settled in Dun-
das. In a few years his practice be-
came so large he was obliged to take a

partner in order to cope with the work, and also to afford an opportunity to devote more attention to the special branch of the profession his natural taste and talent directed him. In the winter of 1887 he went to Philadelphia in order to obtain a practical knowledge of Dr. Weir Mitchell's treatment of the nervous diseases of women by Massage, etc. On leaving Dundas he was presented by the towns-people with an address and a very handsome token of regard, besides numerous individual presentations. In the spring of 1887 he opened a private hospital in Hamilton for women, which proved so successful that he decided to remove to Toronto and give up general practice altogether. Being the first in Ontario to establish a private hospital, he also be-came the pioneer specialist in the province in surgical and nervous diseases of women. He went abroad

for nine months and became assistant

to Mr. Lawson Tait, the most celebrat-

ed abdominal surgeon of the day. On

returning he reopened the hospital in

Toronto. Success has continued to fol-

low him in a marked degree—the pro-

fession showing their appreciation for

his enterprise by keeping the hospital,

which is one of the, if not the most,

complete on the continent iii every detail,

always full. The doctor has always kept

abreast of the times, by making it a

rule from the first of going abroad every

few years to see the practical work of

the leading lights in his calling, and at-

tributes his success chiefly to that fact.


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