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L.R.C.P., London, and L.R.C.S., Edinburgh ; Barrie, Ont., was born December 22nd, 1861, iii Ontario County. He is the son of Mr. James Ross, Reeve of the town-ship of Oro. He received his education at the public school, Barrie Collegiate Institute, Victoria University, and Toronto School of Medicine. After he graduated in Victoria in 1883, he went to New York and spent a year in study at Bellevue Medical College. In 1885 he went to Europe and spent another year in the hospitals in London and Edinburgh, receiving the degrees of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons from those schools. Returning to Canada in 1886 he began the practice of his profession at Barrie. Dr. Ross is a member of the Presbyterian Church, of the Masonic Brotherhood, he is also Supreme Medical Examiner of the Sons of Scotland Fraternal and Benevolent Society. His thorough scholarship, coupled with his experience in the large hospitals of the American and European continent, gives him a high standing in the medical profession.

R.W. HAMLIN, St. Catherines, Out.,

only son of R. S. Hamlin, vice-

,.,;--, of the Western Bank, Oshawa, was born at Buffalo, N.Y., U.S. A., on November loth, 1867. He commenced his education at the Friends College, Pickering, and finished at the British American Business

College, Toronto. On leaving college lie settled in St. Catharines, where he has since remained. He has recently gone into the manufacturing business in that city, where he is doing a successful and increasing trade, which promises to become a large industry in the near future, if a thorough acquaintance with the requirements of the trade will make it such. Mr. Hamlin formerly had a ranche at the head of the Columbia Lakes, British Columbia, which he has since sold, preferring to live in this part of the Dominion. In religion he is an Episcopalian. In politics he takes no active interest. He is a member of the Order of Select Knights. He was married at Santa Barbara, California, January 12th, 1887, to May, youngest daughter of E. Wismer, of Markham, Out.


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