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JAMES J. FOY, Q.C., barrister, Toronto, of the firm of Foy & Kelley, was born in that city on the 22nd of February, 1847, and is the son of the late Patrick Foy, merchant there. He was married in 1879 to Marie Cuvillier, daughter of Maurice Cuvillier, of Montreal. Mr. Foy was educated at St. Michael's College, Toronto, and at Ushaw College in England. In the year 1866 he entered the law offices of Crawford & Crombie, and subsequently those of Patton, Osier & Moss. In Hilary Term of 1871 he was called to the Bar and entered on the practice of his profes

sion. Subsequently he became a member of the firms of Thorne & Foy, Foy, Tupper & Macdonell, and Foy & Kelley. In 1881, upon the agitation for representatives from the junior Bar, Mr. Foy was elected a Bencher of the Law Society of Ontario, and in 1886 was re-elected. He was appointed Q.C. in 1883. He is a member of the Roman Catholic communion, and takes an active part in many of the financial interests of the city, being a director of the Toronto General Trusts Company and of other companies. He is vice-president of the Albany Conservative Club.


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