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REV. J. A. 1:1?.-\Y.


Ont., eldest son of the late Adam Keay,

of Toronto, was born December 26th, 1861, at Toronto. He connnenced his education at the public schools, Toronto, and finished at Stratford. He first engaged in farming. He then learned the carriage making business, at which he served three years, and afterwards worked as journeyman at Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island. In 1885 he decided to enter the ministry of the Baptist Church, and in the fall of that year commenced his theological studies at Woodstock College. In 1888 he entered Mac-Master University, from which he graduated in the spring of 1391 with honors. During the summer months of his college course he took charge of several churches, much to the pleasure of the different congregations. In the summer of 1889 he was at Rapid City, Manitoba, where he did very successful work for his denomination. On graduating Mr. Keay received a call to Dundas, which the accepted, and has just entered upon his work there. He was married August 12th, 1891, to Eugenie Millard, only daughter of the late Isaiah Becker, of Port Rowan.

William A. ROBINSON, agent for
Canadian and American Express Com-
panies, was born in Carlisle, Ontario, on the 15th
of March, 1857, and was married on the i3th of
December, 1882, to Kate Conn, Granton, Ontario.
He was educated i11 the public schools of Listowel.
Prom 1876 to 1879 he was engaged in the drug
business, i11 Granton, with Dr. Long. In 1879
he entered the express services as clerk and tele-
graph operator for the American Express Com-
pany, after that he 'was appointed to Mitchell,
Ontario ; two years later lie took charge of the
Post Office there, as assistant, filling that position
for four years. In 1885 he entered again the
express services as clerk in the London office,
where he remained until 1888, when the removed
to Brantford, and on the 1st day of April, 1890,
he was appointed agent in that place. He has a
thorough knowledge of all the details of the ex-
press business and is a most genial man as well

as an accommodating agent. Under his
able management, this invaluable aid to
commerce is rapidly increasing in the city.



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