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M.I)., L.R.C.P., Edinburgh,
practicing physician, Toronto,
son of Wm. Y. Watson, was born in
Peel County, Ont., on January 8th,
IS59, and was married on Sept. 23,
1885, to Sarah A. G. Clare, daughter
of Samuel Clare, for some time a teacher
in the Normal School, Toronto. Dr.
Watson was educated in the schools of
his own county and afterwards in the
Toronto Normal School. He entered
the Toronto School of Medicine in
1879, and graduated from Victoria in
1883. He then went to Europe, at-
tending the Edinburgh, London and

Paris hospitals, and in 1884 began the practice of his profession in Toronto. In 1889 he received the degree of M.D. from the University of Toronto. Dr. Watson is an official member of the Methodist Church, takes an active interest in the welfare of the young, and conducts a large young people's class-meeting. For four years he has been a member of the Toronto Annual Conference. He is also a frequent contributor on social questions to leading periodicals. His social views are of a most advanced character, his motto being—" From each according to his strength, to each according to his need."


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