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builder and contractor, Toronto,

was born at North Arlington,

Yorkshire, Eng., on the 16th November, 1820, and was married to Mary Nash, daughter of John Nash, Westbury, Wilkshire, Eng., in November, 1854. Mr. Goddard, in the best sense of the word, is a self-educated man—the only schooling he received being in the winter of 1840, when he attended a night school. At the age of ten years he entered a stone yard kept by his father, and, when seventeen, left home and began work as a journeyman, getting the highest wages then paid.

After spending several years

in London, he left England for Australia in February, 1852, and, in the following year, started business in Sydney as builder and con-tractor. For a time he was employed by the Australian Government and built several fortifications and rail-ways. For many years Mr. Goddard was exceedingly prosperous, and left Australia for London,where, during the Franco-Prussian war, he lost his entire fortune of nearly $88,000. He then came to Newark, N.J., U.S., but his intense love for British soil and British institutions led him to Canada, where he settled in Toronto in 1873. Since then he has built many of the finest buildings in that city, such as the Sissin buildings, corner of Wilton and Yonge streets ; St. Mary's and St. Paul's churches, the Memorial Church of the late Arch-bishop Lynch, and recently, what may be regarded as

the crowning work of his life, the Board of Trade buildings on Yonge street, which, when completed, will cost upwards of $35C,000. To such men as Mr. Goddard the Queen City is indebted for the many stately structures that adorn its public streets and crowded thoroughfares, and make its drives and avenues so attractive and beautiful. What they may lack in the scholarly culture of the schools that the young men of Canada enjoy, is more than made up by their strong individuality, industry and capacity that renders them equal to almost any undertaking. In him such qualities are illustrated.



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