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chemist and druggist, Hamilton,
Out., was born on the 23rd of May,
1857, at Edgewood Farm, Comity of
Haldimand, Out. His parents were
English, who came to Canada in 1837
and took up a tract of land iii the
township of Walpole, where they have
ever since resided. The country at
that time was a dense forest, now it is
dotted over with fine farms, inhabited
by a thrifty and prosperous population.
Mr. Boulter's grandfather, Andrew
Wren, was one of the volunteers in
the Rebellion of '37. Mr. Boulter was
educated at the common school in the

township of Walpole, but like most

Canadian boys in the country, his edu-

cation was broken up by working on

the farm—three months' school and

nine months' work. He, however,

made the best of the opportunities for

study within his reach, having a desire

for such professional knowledge as

world fit him for something different

from the farm. At the age of eighteen,

he entered the Collegiate Institute,

Hamilton, and afterwards served his

apprenticeship as druggist with Dr.

Smith for three years. He then left

Hamilton for Winnipeg, where he

finished his apprenticeship with White-

head & Co., and passed his examination with honors in the Manitoba College of Pharmacy. In 1884 he came to Toronto and graduated with honors in the School of Pharmacy. In 1885 he returned to Hamilton as assistant, and after-wards partner, for two years of the firm of R. N. Taylor & Cc., druggists. In 1889 he purchased his present business, which is steadily increasing, with best prospects for the future. In religion Mr. Boulter belongs to the Methodist Church in Canada. In politics he is an ardent and active Re-former, having served on committees of management for three successive elections. He belongs to the the Independent Order of Foresters, of which he is also financial secretary. .1 Christian young man with good habits, studious, and attentive to business, it may be taken for granted that he is a success.


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