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merchant, of Caledonia, Out.,

was born April 9th, 1866, in

Ancaster township. He received his
education in the public schools. His
father is a farmer, and young Richards
spent the first twenty years of his life
on the farm. His ambition, however,
could not be satisfied by the daily rounds
of a farmer's duty, and he looked out
for more stirring and profitable employ-
ment. His first business venture was
in canvassing for a newspaper ; he
then engaged with the Hamilton In-
dustrial Works Co. Then he became
salesman for tea and coffee, and finally,

in June, 1887, bought out a general merchant at Caledonia, where he has since carried on a growing and profit-able business. A young man with a Christian training, fair education, good habits, and, with untiring industry, must in the very nature of things be crowned with success. He has been a member of the Methodist Church from his boyhood, and has taken a great interest in the welfare of the young people, having been both secretary and president of their literary societies. He is also lieutenant of the Haldimand Rifles, and enjoys the confidence of a large circle of friends.


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