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miller, Highgate, Out., was
born in the township of
Orford, County of Kent, on the 221ld
of May, 1849. He was educated at
the district schools near his home.
After spending the first twenty-five
years of his life on his father's
farm, he built the Beaver Oatmeal
and Flour Mills at Highgate, and
afterwards, in 1882, the Cumberland
Flour Mills at Highgate, the first full
roller mill in Western Ontario, of
which the is now owner. Mr. Scott
has evinced great capacity and energy
since he began business. The first

mill was burned in June, 1887. The present mill has a capacity of 200 barrels a day, and gives employment to a large number of hands. His reputation for upright dealings is universally recognised, and his trade extends to every part of the Dominion. In politics Mr. Scott is Independent, sup-porting principles rather than men. He was solicited by the Third Party to become their candidate for parliamentary honors, but declined. He is a strong temperance advocate, and an active member of the Methodist Church. He was married in 1SSo to Miss Emma A. Gosnell, of Orford.


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