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JOSEPH HEIGHINGTON, barrister-at-law, Toronto, was born 27th March, 1849, at Skircoat, parish of Halifax, Yorkshire, England. His father, Thomas Heighington, was of an old family living at " Heighington," near Darlington, in North York-shire, and his mother, Miss Brearley, of a respectable family in the West Riding of the same county. Mr. Heighington was married August 6th, 1876, to Clara, second daughter of Rev. John Compston, Baptist minister, of Leeds, Eng., a well-known speaker and writer in musical and temperance circles throughout the British Isles.

His education was received at the ordi-
nary day schools in Yorkshire and
under private tutors. At the age of
16 he was articled to an accountant and
was taught the science of book-keeping.
At 21 he took a situation, having
charge of the accounts of a large busi-
ness firm. After this he practiced as
an accountant for two years, and
finally, having relations iii Canada,
came to Toronto in 1877, primarily on
account of his health, which, having
speedily improved and his liking the
country, he determined to stay. He
kept books in Toronto for a time.
The firm by whom he was employed

becoming involved in a law
suit, he had frequent occa-
sion to consult the lawyers
in the case. One of them
told him that he ought not
to waste his time keeping
books, but should study
law. He at office entered
that gentleman's office and
graduated in 1884, and has
been practising in Toronto
ever since. Although not
seeking notoriety, he has
built up what is admitted to
be about the largest " young
man's business" in Toronto,
paying particular attention
to wills, trusts, administra-
tions, investments and gen-
eral commercial law. His
partners are Thomas Urqu-
hart and A. J. Boyd, son of
Hon. Chancellor Boyd. Mr.
Heighington, while true to
his native land, enters heart-
ily into all that advances
his adopted country. He is
a Baptist and trustee of the
\Valmer Road Church, To-
ronto, largely built through
the liberality of Alanson

Harris, Esq., of Brantford.


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