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OLIVER R. AVISON, M.D., C.M., M.C.P. & S. O., Toronto, was born June 3oth, 186o, in Yorkshire, Eng., and was married on July 28th, 1885, to Jennie Barnes, daughter of S. M. Barnes, Reeve of Smith's Falls, Ont. He was educated in the public schools of Ontario and in the High School at Almonte. He began teaching in 1878 and taught for three years, and during that time at-tended the Ottawa Normal School. After this he studied pharmacy for three years, and then came to Toronto and took a course in the Ontario College of Pharmacy, where he graduated

in 1884, receiving the gold medal for " general proficiency," and two other gold medals for chemistry and materia medica. He was at once appointed lecturer in botany in the College of Pharmacy, in 1885 became also professor of materia medica, and in 1889 was also appointed teacher of microscopy. He graduated in medicine in 1887, and was appointed demonstrator of materia medica and pharmacy in the medical faculty of Toronto University. In connection with his professional college duties he enj oys a large city practice. The doctor is a member of Sherbourne Street Methodist Church, Toronto.


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