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Mayor of the City of Brant-

ford, was born there on the 12th of May, 1843, and was married in 1865 to Miss S. A. Pendlebury. He was educated at the Brantford public schools. His father was the Rev. Samuel Read, for many years an earnest and respected minister of the Baptist Church in Ontario. Mr. Read has been for many years in the real estate business, and is well known all over Ontario as a man of shrewd business habits. In religion he is a Baptist, being a member of the Park Church, Brantford, and for eighteen years he

has been chairman of the

finance committee of the society. He held the office of alderman from 1881 to 1890, when he was elected mayor of the city. He has held other important positions, such as governor of the John H. Stratford Hospital, member of the board of Police Commissioners, member of the Board of Trade, and is at present on the Free Library board, and the board of Water Commissioners. Mr. Read is well liked by all who cone in contact with him, either in business or public life, and has proved himself exceedingly attentive to the interests of the city. He is a strong friend of the temperance cause, and can al-ways be relied upon to aid in its onward march, either by the influence of his voice in public gatherings or by the contribution of his money. He is a Liberal in politics, although in his public life he has never obtruded un-

duly his views upon the community, and as a citizen, as well as the chief magistrate of the city, he is equally popular with all classes and all shades of politics. His mother still lives in the city, and, notwithstanding that she has arrived at a good old age, is a regular attendant upon the ordinances of religion. Like his parents, Mayor Read is an earnest Christian worker, and can always be found at his post of duty, both in the church and the Sunday school. That all our public offices were filled by such men is greatly to be desired. May the day soon come when such will be the case.


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