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REV. JOHN McDOUGALL, chairman of Methodist Missions iii the Saskatchewan District, N.W.T., was born at Owen Sound, Ont., on December 27th, 1542, and was married in 1564 to Abigail, daughter of Rev. H. B. Steinhawr, and after her decease he was married again in 1872 to Elizabeth, daughter of S. C. Boyd. He was educated in the mission schools at Newash, near Owen Sound, and at Garden River ; he spent one winter in the old log school house at Owen Sound, and afterwards two sessions at Victoria College between the years 1857 and 1 S6o. Mr. McDougall

spent his early years in the backwoods, was rocked in log and bark canoes, pioneered around the Georgian Bay and Lake Superior, and spoke Indian before English. He afterwards worked in a store trading with Indians in Penetanguishene, and also in Orillia during the years 1355 to 18J9. In 186o he came to the North-West Territory, taught school at Norway House, and then went to the North Saskatchewan, where he worked for the Rev. Thomas WVolsley for two years as interpreter, dog driver, and general roustabout. He then entered upon mission work, travelling upon the plains, establishing

missions at Woodville, Pigeon Lake, and Morley Bow River, and assisted in establishing missions at Victoria, Edmonton, Fort McLeod, Calgary, Wolfe Creek, Battle River and Bear's Hill. He has been chairman of the Saskatchewan District for fifteen years, and was delegate to the General Conference in 1SS6 and 1390. He was commissioner for the Government in 1574, preparing the way among the Indians for the coming in of the Mounted Police. He was also commissioner for the Government in 1855, preparing the way for the advance of the western column at Edmonton and Fort Pitt. He was guide, scout, boat builder, commissariat officer, chap-lain, etc., to Gen. Strange's column, and a member of his staff until the completion of his campaign. He is now superintendent of Indian Missions in Manitoba and the North-West.


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