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86   MEN of CANADA.

B.A., Plattsville, Out., was born
on the 14th May, 1840, at
Lowville, Ont., and was married in
1882 to Miss E. E. Hill Ingram. He
was educated in the public schools of
the province and afterwards at Victoria
University, Cobourg, where he gradu-
ated with high standing in 1869. From
the outset of his college course he
stood high in all his classes, taking the
first prize for elocution from the Uni-
versity Literary Association and the
second prize from the University for
attainments in English composition.
Like many Canadians of note, he was

born on the farm, and spent his early days and his vacations during his course at the University, in agricultural pursuits. An early taste for a Christian education shaped his future career, so that, when about 20 years of age, he was converted and united with the Methodist Church, he was at once appointed as a local preacher. In 1862 he joined the Conference as a probationer, and was ordained to the office of the Holy Ministry at the Conference held in Toronto in 1869 by the late lamented Wm. Morley Punshon, who was at that time president of the Conference. Before ordination 1\Ir. Coiling travelled the circuits of Hullsville and Arran, serving each one year, and spent five years at the University. After ordination he labored in the circuits of Dundas, Oakville, Lachine, St. Catharines (twice), St. Thomas, London, Beams-

ville, Welland, Simcoe and Plattsville. His record in all these circuits, as presented to the several conferences, has been that of unswerving loyalty to his church, and signal success. He is well known as a faithful pastor, an earnest and able Gospel preacher and noted church financier. Precious memories of his self-denying labours remain in every locality where he has been stationed, and large numbers have been brought to Christ by his earnest appeals. Mr. Coiling has been secretary of the Canada Holiness Association since its organization in the year 1879, and has also been district chairman.


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