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O.C., Toronto, was born 3oth
'7= May, 1S51, near Brighton,
Xorthumberland County, Ontario. He
was educated at Brighton Grammar
School and University of Toronto, and
graduated B. A. in 1874, called to the
Bar in 1877, took the degree of LL.B.
in Toronto University in 1852, and ap-
pointed Examiner-in-Law in 1884-85.
In 1877 he entered the firm of
Macdonald & Patton (Sir John A.
Macdonald and Hon. James Patton),
the firm at present being Macdonald,
Marsh & O'Meara. Collateral to, and
concurrent with this firm, Mr. Marsh,

in 1883, formed a partnership with the late James Bethune, O.C., the firm continuing in existence until his death as Bethune & Marsh. In 1884 he entered into partnership with \Vni. Lount, O.C., which partnership has continued clown to the present time, the name of the firm now being Lount, Marsh, Lindsey & Lindsey. Mr. Marsh was Examiner and Lecturer in Osgoode Hall for several years, and, upon the inauguration of the new Law School in 1889, was again appointed Lecturer in Equity. He was married August loth, 1SSo, to Augusta, daughter of Vice-Chancellor Proudfoot.


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